Mum Janis reckons singer will benefit from time apart from hubby

Amy Winehouse’s mum is delighted that Blake Fielder-Civil is in jail because she believes he’s a bad influence.

‘Thank God he’s gone inside,’ she says. ‘Everyone else can see it. Amy chooses not to.’

Janis, 52, reckons that the break from her husband will mean Amy, 24, will kick hard drugs.

‘I think he introduced her to them,’ she claims. ‘She thinks, “Oh, this is good, this is OK”. But I think she’s still a child and it has overtaken her a bit.

But Janis doesn’t necessarily want the couple to split up.

‘If the relationship is meant to be, it will survive this,’ she says.

‘But Amy’s got to love him for him – not because she feels sorry for him, or because he’s got her doped up, not for anything other than that she has respect for him.’

And Janis believes Amy is about to turn the corner with her drugs battle.

‘I hope Amy has not been taking drugs long enough for it to be a real addiction,’ she tells First.

‘I don’t think she’s stupid enough actually to keep going. Most people who are hooked on heroin don’t have anything else in their life. But Amy has her music, her career, and a loving family.’

Blake is being held on charges of attempting to pervert the course of justice and a separate GBH claim. He is due to appear at Snaresbrook crown court on Friday.