Singer to stay in guest cottage

Amy Winehouse will move into best pal Kelly Osbourne’s family home when she leaves rehab.

The singer, 24, is reportedly planning to stay at a guest cottage in the grounds of the Osbournes’ mansion in Chalfont St Peter, Bucks.

Kel, 23, and dad Ozzy, 59, reckon the retreat will help Amy’s recovery.

‘Kelly has always been there for Amy, they are very tight,’ a source tells the Daily Mirror. ‘When Amy went into rehab, it was Kelly who picked out clothes to take in from her East End flat.

‘She’s patient, she has been there before with her dad and knew this time would come.

‘Kelly is probably the most qualified of her pals to help look after Amy – she’s certainly a better influence than Pete Doherty.’

Kelly’s not the only one willing to help Amy. Film bosses have agreed to let the jazz diva write and sing the new James Bond theme for Quantum Of Solace if she stays off the drugs.

‘If Amy is clean then, it’s hers,’ a source tells The Sun. ‘It will have a dark and moody feel so Amy would be absolutely perfect. It’s another fantastic carrot being dangled to encourage her to give up drugs.’

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