Singer to duet with Mark Ronson and do her own number

Amy Winehouse has been asked to perform twice at Wednesday’s Brit Awards.

The singer, 24, is due to join producer pal Mark Ronson for his set to belt out their collaboration Valerie.

But after her storming comeback at the Grammys, organisers are reported to now want to give the jazz diva her own slot as well.

‘Amy will be part of the Ronson medley — but she will also do something on her own,’ says a source. ‘She is the night’s big attraction. She will sing one of her more emotive hits. It will be a magical moment.’

This year’s show, hosted by Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, will have different ‘glam’ and ‘punk’ zones.

‘The stage will be split into three,’ a source tells The Sun. ‘The middle area will be for the Osbournes. It will be like Beckingham Palace meets The Addams Family.

‘They will sit on huge thrones and the stage will be decorated with bats.

‘On the left will be the “glam” stage, which will be all sparkly and gold. The “punk” stage on the right will be covered in rips, safety pins and a Union Jack — it’s like something the Sex Pistols would have dreamed up. It’s the most elaborate set the Brits has ever seen.’

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