Snappers not allowed to take photos outside her home

Amy Winehouse has won a High Court anti-harassment order against photographers.

The injunction – primarily aimed at agency Big Pictures – will prevent the paparazzi from pursuing the singer and taking snaps of her within 100 metres of her London home.

The ruling, which cites the Protection From Harassment Act 1997, is not thought to cover St Lucia, where Amy, 25, is currently recording her new album.

But Big Pictures boss Darryn Lyons is unhappy with the decision.

‘We work very firmly within the rules and other paparazzi are using our name,’ he tells The Guardian.

‘While there are some that don’t, Big Pictures is very respectful of privacy and we actually have a good relationship with Amy Winehouse.’

Amy‘s spokesman confirmed a copy of the order had been put up at the property in Enfield.

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