Star goes for healthy over hungry

Actress Angela Griffin has hit out at girls who dream of being a size 0.

‘Being thin is not important,’ she says. ‘I don’t understand it. To me, being a size 0 means you are mentally and physically ill.’

Currently filming the BBC drama Waterloo Road, 30-year-old Angela is a trim size 10 and was gobsmacked to be asked to appear in a TV show called Super-Skinny Me: The Race To Size Zero.

‘It made me angry,’ she tells Sunday magazine. ‘It’s just a cheap gimmick.’

Since becoming mum to daughter Tallulah two years ago, Ange and her hubby Jason Milligan, 35, live a quiet life in Northamptionshire, where eating out is one of their favourite pastimes.

‘It’s all about food these days,’ she laughs. ‘We love going out for dinner.’