She wants to grow old with him

Angelina Jolie has described Brad Pitt as her ideal man.

The actress says that the 43-year-old actor really does ‘get her’ and she can’t wait to get wrinkly with him.

‘Brad is the first man to understand me and give the impression we are a team,’ she explains.

‘Honesty and trust are fundamental. He shares my point of view. The most important thing is being able to grow old together.’

Ange, 32, also rubbishes rumours that the couple have a rocky relationship.

‘He is certainly the best father one could wish for. The place he takes in the family really moves me as I was prepared, even resigned, to being a single mum,’ she tells the Sunday Mirror.

‘I didn’t expect him to invest so much time in the role of head of the family. He is one of those fathers who knows how to manage the bottles of milk, the little potties and all the rest.’

‘He is the ideal lover.’

Suzannah Ramsdale