The biggest celebrity split of this year?

News of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt‘s impending divorce has come as something of a global shock.

Though there have been rumours of a rift between the two for some time, news of Angelina divorcing Brad after two years of marriage, six children and 12 years together has made shockwaves in the world of showbiz.

And as breaking news often does, Twitter has had a field day reacting to the latest – and perhaps biggest – celebrity split of this year, famous folks and average Joes alike!

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As most people have been, there has been utter surprise and heartbreak…


We mean, what even IS love anymore?


Of course there are those who have also celebrated the new single status of Angelina – Geordie Shore ladies’ man Scotty T, for example, has stepped forward as a potential new suitor:

But most entertainingly, many reactions have involved some truly golden GIFs of Brad’s ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston.

For #JeamJen fans everywhere, 20th September 2016 will henceforth be known as #JenniferAnistonMemeDay:

God bless social media, getting us through these tough times.