The couple learned to organise time with kids

Angelina Jolie admits that looking after her six children can be quite a challenge.

The actress – who adopted Maddox, 12, Pax, 10, and Zahara, 9, before having Shiloh, 7, and twins Knox and Vivienne, 5, with fiancé Brad Pitt – didn’t really know how to handle such a large brood to begin with.

A big family can generate a lot of chaos,’ says Ange, 38.

We didn’t have a clear idea about how we were going to manage as our family grew larger until we figured out a way to organise everyone and make sure that we’d spend time with all the children.’

Despite carefully ensuring they get bonding time with each member of the clan, Ange has noticed the kids develop different relationships with her and Brad, 50.

Some of the kids feel closer to Brad and bond with him in a special way and some have a closer relationship with me,’ the mum-of-six says.

But it’s always changing and what’s beautiful about kids is how you just watch them grow and evolve as they learn more about themselves and the world.’


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