Angelina Jolie leaves husband Brad Pitt at home as she attends film premiere in London with Armed Forces

All eyes were on Angelina Jolie last night at the premiere of her film in London but we – like the rest of the world – were left wondering where Brad Pitt had got to.

It seems she left him at home.. not what we might do if we were lucky enough to have just married the hottest man in the world, but we can see why she might have wanted to take centre stage.

The Hollywood actress was escorted by a fleet of Armed Forces members as she walked the red carpet in a cream Ralph & Russo dress on Tuesday night – accessorised with diamond earrings and her trademark winning smile for the first UK showing of Unbroken – the second film she has directed.

In an interview on the US Today show Jolie revealed that her relationship with Brad has changed since they said ‘I do’.

Although they had already been together for nearly a decade before getting hitched on 23 August, she admitted that ‘recommitting after 10 years of being together’ provided an added level of ‘security and comfort’.

‘I think we have more moments where I’m like, “I’m gonna be a better wife. I’m gonna be a better cook. I’m gonna get this wife thing down!”‘ Jolie said.

‘And he’s like, “Oh, honey, know what you’re good at. Know what you’re not.” But he knows my limitations and where I’m a good wife and good mom.’

Rumours surfaced that all may not be well when Ange and Brad were snapped appearing to argue on a hotel balcony in Australia last week.

The pair worked together – during their honeymoon – on film By The Sea, and Ange says they are ‘stronger for it’ as a result.

‘It [was] uncomfortable but we’ve already shot it, we’ve survived it and we’re stronger for it,’ Ange confessed. ‘He wants to help me direct the way I need to direct. I want to direct him to be the best that he can be and protect him as an actor.’

She added: ‘We couldn’t be in a better position to push each other in these ways, and we pushed each other but it was good.’

So the world’s most famous couple are all ok then. We’re relieved to hear it!

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