Actress has tried 'every drug possible' - but hated smoking pot

Angelina Jolie has revealed that of all the drugs she has tried over the years – the only one that she didn’t enjoy was cannabis.

The actress – who has admitted to trying ‘every drug possible’ – says that cannabis made her feel giggly and silly and she hated it.

‘I’ve done coke, heroin, ecstasy, LSD, everything,’ she tells Metro.

‘But the one that had the worst effect for me was pot. I felt silly and giggly and I hate feeling like that.’

But Ange, 32, also admits that she had a rather crazy experience when she visited a theme park on LSD.

‘I remember taking LSD before I went to Disneyland,’ she says.

‘I started thinking about Mickey Mouse being a short, middle-aged man in a costume who hates life.

‘Those drugs can be dangerous if you don’t go into it positively – I gave them up a long time ago.’

Alison Adey