Actress says her kids are confused

Angelina Jolie says her adopted daughter Zahara thinks she’s going to give birth to a pig.

The 3-year-old is trying to be like her mum, who is expecting twins with partner Brad Pitt, 45.

‘The kids are excited and they are starting to understand about me being pregnant,’ Ange explains.

‘We’ve had it before with Shiloh so they know what’s going on.

‘Zahara pretends she’s pregnant too and says she has an animal in her tummy.

‘She says the piggy is making her eat all the chocolate brownies!’

And 4-year-old Pax also reckons he’s pregnant.

‘Pax says he’s got a baby monkey inside him!’ Ange tells GMTV.

‘So it’s really fun in our house at the moment.’

Ange, 32, also has an adopted son Maddox, 4, and daughter Shiloh, 23 months.

Alison Adey