Pushing Daises star says LA has made her more image conscious


Pushing Daisies star Anna Friel is sure she’ll have plastic surgery one day.

The former Brookside actress is now living in LA and surrounded by beautiful people.

‘I’d definitely have a discreet nip and tuck when the time comes,’ she says.

‘Count me in, I’m 100 per cent having it when I need to it! If you go overboard you can look scary but the right procedure at the right time can take 10 years off.’

Anna, 31, admits that moving to California as made her more image conscious.

‘This is what LA does for you!’ she tells Grazia. ‘You learn how to make the best of yourself – and it works.

‘In England people think you’re dead vain if you do more than shave your legs. Now I’m working everything. I look at how these women take care of themselves to look their best.’

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