Anna doesn't fancy an open relationship

Anna Friel has admitted that she doesn’t like the idea of being in an open relationship.

The actress recently starred as Jean Raymond – the wife of porn tycoon Paul – in raunchy biopic The Look Of Love, a woman who allowed her husband to have affairs.

But Anna, 36, isn’t so keen on letting boyfriend of two years Rhys Ifans, 45, take such liberties.

‘I would let Rhys run around in his underpants, but not with a load of showgirls!’ she quips.

Anna – who is a mum to daughter Gracie, 7, from her relationship with actor David Thewlis – wouldn’t accept being cheated on like Jean did.

‘I think at that time, in the 1950s, there were very few women who earned their own living, and so maybe they just put up with more than a modern woman of the millennium potentially would,’ says Anna.

‘And she turned a blind eye. And I think if it was just purely for sex, she went, oh, it’s okay.

‘I don’t know if I would accept that, but that went on until she realised that he’d fallen in love with somebody else and it was time to call it a day.’

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