The actress has blood injected into her face


Anna Friel has opened up about how she tries to stay in shape and looks after her skin.

‘I’m still smoking but I’ve cut that down to three or four a day. I do all the moisturisers. My brother’s a doctor and he’s created a smoothie that’s good for the skin,’ says Anna, 36.

‘And I have this thing called a vampire facelift – they take a phial of blood out of your arm, separate the plasma and inject it in your face.

‘It helps the skin repair itself.’

The former Brookside star exercises with Pilates and hikes around the hills in LA but finds it hard to give up alcohol.

‘I love wine. If ever I have a trainer they say: “Anna, if you want to be really fit, that’s got to stop”,’ Anna tells The Times Magazine.

‘But we do all this hard work, it’s hard not to have a glass of wine.

‘Then it’s whether you have the discipline to just have one glass or whether you think, “Oh, look, there’s a gorgeous bottle of cabernet…”‘

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