Actress says they never discuss getting hitched


Anna Friel says she’s in no rush to get married to long-term partner David Thewlis.

The actress has been dating the 45-year-old actor since they met on a plane in 2001. They have a daughter Gracie, 3.

But Anna, 32, says marriage ‘is not an issue’.

‘We have been together 7½ years and we don’t really think about it. We have never talked about it – ever,’ she says.

And she reveals that their 13-year age gap is actually an advantage.

‘The upside of the age gap is that he has been my age, when it was all very hectic, and he had the freedom to go where his career took him. As a result he would never stand in my way,’ she tells You.

But when talk turns to children, Anna is quick to say she’s not planning any more: ‘I don’t need sibling rivalry on top of everything else!’