Ifans-y him, says Anna

After keeping their romance under wraps for a year, Anna Friel has finally declared her love for Notting Hill star Rhys Ifans, 43.

The pair, who met while filming Sky 1 drama Neverland, are living together in Windsor with Anna‘s daughter Gracie Friel, 6, who’s given them her seal of approval.

Anna reveals: ‘Rhys is brilliant with Gracie. She’d seen him on the set of Neverland and said: “I think he’s very nice.”‘

Anna, 35, even hinted at marriage and babies.

Seriously Rhys, how do you do it?

Mr Ifans is punching well above his weight!

2007: Kate Moss

Rhys briefly dated Kate in 2007. Well, she does prefer her boyfriends to look like soap dodgers.

2007: Sienna Miller

He was jealous of her spending time with ex Matthew Rhys and within a year it was all over.

2008: Kimberly Stewart

Rhys took Kim on romantic dates to glamorous places like strip clubs and the pub.

Surprisingly, it didn’t last.


See the latest picture of Anna Friel with Rhys Ifans in Now magazine dated 14 November 2011 – out now!


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