Actress had conjunctivitis and a sinus infection when they shared love scene

Anne Hathaway says she nearly passed on a nasty infection to Steve Carell during a love scene.

The pair shared a snog for their latest film Get Smart – but Anne had conjunctivitis and sinus problems at the time.

‘A certain contact lens solution gave me conjunctivitis,’ she explains. ‘And I had a sinus infection at the same time.

‘I had to go up to Steve with my red and puffy eyes, dripping green… I am just snotty and I’m just like: “Come here.”

‘The worst thing was I didn’t know that I had conjunctivitis, so I had to call our producer that night and say: “Yeah, you might want to call Steve and let him know I had pinkeye and my tears kind of got in my mouth when we kissed!”’

Despite the condition, Anne, 25, insists the kiss was enjoyable.

‘Making out with him is like the yummiest lollipop, dipped in sunshine and wrapped in a masculine wrapper!’ she says. ‘That’s the only way I can think to describe it.’