Actress says she broke since her TV show was cancelled in the US


Anne Heche told a court yesterday that she doesn’t have enough money to pay her son’s child support and private school fees.

The actress is appearing in an LA court for the latest round of her custody battle over her son Homer, 6, with ex husband Coleman Laffoon.

She revealed she’s unable to pay child and spousal support of over £8,000 a month.

Anne, 38, is said to have been having financial difficulties since her TV show Men In Trees was cancelled in the States.

‘I have been unemployed and had no income….except for one very short-term contract for a movie role for which I received a total of $65,000,’ she told the court.

Anne, who claims she’s having difficultly covering her Canadian mortgage and LA rent, also admitted that she has debts of over £180k.

The LA County Superior Court judge decided to temporarily suspend her obligation to pay child support for July.

Anne split from cameraman Coleman in January last year. Before they got together she was in a high-profile relationship with comedienne Ellen Degeneres, 50.