TV presenter finalises divorce settlement with John Penrose

Anne Robinson has agreed a pay ex-husband John Penrose £20million in their divorce settlement.

The couple – who parted last October after 27 years together – finalised the terms of their split this week after a 10-month legal battle.

John, 61, has been awarded £16million plus an investment property portfolio of 4 houses worth £4million.

He also keeps the cottage where he currently lives in the Cotswolds.

‘The decree absolute has happened this week which ties up the legal niceties,’ John tells the Daily Mail.

‘I am not saying anything at all (about the division of wealth) and neither is Annie. That is what we agreed at the beginning.

‘But I would like to say that we remain very good friends and hopefully we will be seeing a lot more of each other.’

It is thought John and Anne’s marriage fell apart 3 years ago when Anne’s career started to take off in the States.

She is now left with an estimated fortune of £42million, several properties in New York and London and a portfolio of 5 houses bought as investments.

She currently has contracts with both the BBC and American network NBC to host a variety of shows including The Weakest Link, Test the Nation and Outtake TV.

Earlier this week, Anne, 63, was given a 6-month driving ban for speeding.


Alison Adey