Little Mix have just been announced as the support act for One Direction at the iTunes festival. We wonder if Zayn is going to be in the audience?

This week has felt a bit like Clash of the Titans, if the Clash of the Titans was essentially Zayn Malik vs. THE WHOLE OF MANKIND. First it was Naughty Boy, then Perrie Edwards, then Calvin Harris, then…er… the rest of his estranged One Direction Buddies?!

Yep, it really doesn’t look like Zayn is going to slow down the bad boy antics any time soon in order to tell us exactly what it is that makes us beautiful one. last. time… *sobs*- and before you all dampen our toes with your own river of tears, let us explain why we’re so sure of this…

Brace yourself- Little Mix have been announced as the support act for One Direction at this years iTunes festival on the 22nd of September. Yes, you heard correctly. No, your ears are not blocked by said river of tears. THE Little Mix.

In what might be THE most monumental way of getting back at your ex, Perrie Edwards and gang will be making sweet sweet music with the 1D quartet.

But actually, we really didn’t need to look into our crystal ball(in’) to see this one coming- the Little Mix gals have been less than discreet in their anti-Zayn campaign (Oh c’mon, the girls have signs and dance moves and everything).

Furthermore, scratch the surface and you can see things seem to have turned a little less than friendly between Zayn and the rest of the 1D boys- in fact, during Mr Malik’s very heated exchange of words with Calvin Harris last night ex- bandmate Louis Tomlinson actually appeared to take Calvin Harris’ side, awarding him a favourite on one of his tweets to Zayn.

To be fair, this will probably be a hard pill for Zayn to swallow and we do feel a bit sorry for him. BUT Then again, we also can’t wait for all the Tweet havoc he is going to undoubtedly cause… *lets out evil laugh*.

But anyway, time for the question that is on the tip of everyone’s tongue… the phenomenal Little Mix outfit change at the Teen Choice Awards… How? Where? Can we??! Will they?! WILL HARRY?!