They could be leaving terrestrial TV, but they aren't leaving our hearts

Ant and Dec have come crashing back into our lives once again as a new series of I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! starts.

You know, we know, everyone knows that this show lives and dies on its two Geordie, chirpy presenters. But obviously being the multi-award winning blokes they are, the pair have done a lot of good things in their career.

They’ve been on our screens all the way back in 1990 and they constantly prove why the presenting duo are the best in the biz. Here’s their top 10 BEST moments ever.


10) PJ (Ant) gets blinded by a paintball and Duncan (Dec) looks after him

Let’s start at the very beginning: Byker Grove, when PJ gets blinded, best pal Duncan is straight by his side looking after him. ‘You’re all right man I’m here,’ he says in the cute Geordie accent, and officially carving their place as the greatest double act on TV

9) Byker Grove pop career: PJ and Duncan – Let’s Get Ready to Rhumble

They’ve done so much good on TV and still people bring this up. It’s probably a combination of the clothes, the moves, the embarrassment and the sincerity. Bless them.

8) Little Ant and Dec interview Big Ant and Dec

For years they subjected Hollywood A Listers to the awkward-but-cute questions from their kiddie counterparts, until one day it was them who faced the junior razor wit. Best line goes to the lil’uns, asking the big’uns: ‘Who asked who out first?’

7) Being super-cute when they won the Outstanding Contribution Award at the NTAs 2002!

(skip to 7:45 for the good bit)

The pair are so shocked and so cute, despite going on to be one of the most celebrated presenters in British TV history. ‘That was probably the biggest surprise in me life’ Ant says, though that probably ran out after award 103.

6) They aren’t always flawless, such as during I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here

Like when Dec struggles so much to get his line out…

Or just struggles to walk

5) When they’re so funny they make each other laugh

Their early sketch show SMTV was filled with amazing moments, but even Ant can’t keep it together when faced with Dec the farmer

4) Speaking of SMTV, is this the oldest, funniest sketch ever?

In their Friends parody, Dec organizes Ant Aid for his ailing friend. It feaures, Five, Atomic Kitten, Steps, and VINTAGE Victoria Beckham.

3) Actually, Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway pranks were the BEST

Like pranking Jeremy Kyle into believing Ant is a man trying to get plastic surgery to turn into a cat. Jeremy’s reaction is everything.

2) But really it’s when they’re best friends that they’re the best

Not strictly TV but it’s the best example of #friendship

On Dec’s wedding day, it was Ant’s responsibility to get him there on time. AND THEY WORE MATCHING SUITS.

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1) However this American Idol prank might just beat friendship

Simon Cowell’s slow realization is life. This proves that they are the best presenters, great actors and amazing human beings. Here’s to more Ant and Dec!