They've been best mates for 32 years and now Ant and Dec have found out that their bond is more than just a friendship.

The duo have been exploring their ancestry for a documentary, Ant & Dec’s DNA journey. And, as it drew to a close on Monday night, the pair were told they’re actually RELATED.

Ant, 43, had previously been told he had the rare S660 DNA marker and it was then revealed that Dec, 44, shares the same DNA. Both of their bloodlines trace back the skeleton of a Viking, who was believed to have died in 790AD. And, as the pair are both descendants of the Viking, it means they are distant cousins on their father’s side.

Minds. Blown.


Having been best friends since the age of 13, these two have always said their bond is deeper than just a friendship. But now it’s been confirmed.

Ant said, “We’re friends, we’ve got that brotherly connection. But it feels even deeper. Doing this show has made us look at each other in a different way. He means the world to me.”

Dec agreed, saying, “I’m at my happiest and most content when we’re together. He’s like another part of me. It would be like losing a limb if I didn’t have him in my life. It’s proved again why we’re such good friends.”

The pair have had a rocky few years after Ant took a hiatus from the spotlight after checking himself into rehab in 2017 to battle an alcohol addiction.

Dec, for the first time, was forced to present two of their biggest shows – Ant & Dec’s Saturday night Takeaway and Britain’s Got Talent – alone. He was joined by Holly Willoughby for I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!


Speaking about it for the first time on Ant & Dec’s DNA journey, Dec said he’d found the whole thing “tough” and a “test” of their formidable friendship.

“It’s been a tough couple of years it’s really tested the bond we’ve shared since we were 13 years old,” he said. “I was incredibly angry at the start, so angry and disappointed in him that he didn’t ever come to me and say I’m struggling, I need you because I thought if the shoe was on the other foot I would have gone to him said I’m in trouble and he never came to me and that hurt me a lot.”

The pair return to our TV screens to present I’m A Celeb on Sunday 17th November…