The couple have faced reports of a 'split'

Ant McPartlin and wife Lisa Armstrong have been at the centre of speculation about their marriage of late but Lisa has angrily hit out at a social media user who criticised her over the rumours.

It’s been reported that Ant, 42, and Lisa, 41, are living apart as Ant continues his recovery following a stint in rehab for an addiction to prescription drugs and battles with substance and alcohol abuse, with the presenter said to be renting a flat away from their London home.


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Following the speculation a Twitter user appeared to suggest that Lisa hadn’t been supportive enough of her husband by writing: ‘I’ve been addicted to codeine. Educate yourself about it first.’

The make-up artist wasn’t happy about this and was quick to hit back with a stern response.

‘Educate yourself first love and get your facts rights,’ Lisa tweeted back. ‘You don’t know!! Sorry for your pain x’

Several of Lisa’s followers showed their support for her following the comments.

‘Only you and Ant know what’s going on with your marriage. I really hope it works out for you both. xx stick two fingers up to the negative comments,’ one fan said, whilst another added: ‘Do not explain yourself to anybody! You do not have to justify your decisions! Be happy beautiful lady’

It follows reports that the couple’s relationship is ‘hanging by a thread’ following Ant’s time in Australia filming I’m A Celebrity.

‘Ant’s rented flat was meant to be a temporary arrangement but there are no signs of him moving,’ a source recently told The Sun on Sunday. ‘It’s becoming harder to see a way back.

‘He knows they need heart-to-heart talks but since he has returned from the jungle they just haven’t happened.

‘And what’s more, it doesn’t look likely to any time soon.’

It’s also been claimed that Ant’s co-presenter and BFF Declan Donnelly has been acting as a go-between and picked up the couple’s beloved pet dog Hurley from Lisa’s on Ant’s behalf.

Whatever happens, we hope Ant and Lisa are both okay.