She says her golden retrievers are 'part of the family'

She has no children of her own, but Anthea Turner says her 2 dogs are her substitute kids.

The TV presenter, 47, has struggled to conceive with hubby Grant Bovey.

‘I would have loved to have had a child with Grant, but that wasn’t possible, and after 5 failed attempts at IVF I decided to stop focusing on having children of my own,’ she explains.

‘There comes a point where you have to draw a line to save yourself, and appreciate the things you already have.’

But Anthea insists her golden retrievers Digger and Buddie and stepdaughters Lily, 12, Amelia, 11, and Claudia, 9, more than make up for her inability to be a mum.

‘Grant’s girls have been in my life for 8 years, and I can honestly say that they’ve been my salvation,’ Anthea tells Weekend mag.

‘Digger and Buddie are part of the family – I can’t imagine life without them…I am always suspicious of people who don’t like animals…

‘I don’t consider Digger and Buddie to be the same as real people, but I still sometimes call them “my boys”.’