He was NOT a fan of Simon Cowell's song choice...

We all have regrets…and for Anton Stephans, his performance on Saturday night’s X Factor was a pretty major one. Singing a medley of Meghan Trainor’s ‘All About That Bass’ and Jessie J’s ‘Bang Bang’, the X Factor hopeful – who has previously shone with his soulful ballads – looked incredibly uncomfortable during the garish performance. And now he has revealed EXACTLY what he thought of the song choice…

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‘I hated it. When I watched it back I just thought “Oh my God”,’ he said, talking to the Xtra Factor, ‘All that gold and very little of me!’ Anton also compared the performance to ‘wearing shoes that are not your size.’

He also tweeted immediately after the performance saying: ‘Well that happened…’ Oh dear!Although Anton went along with Simon’s song choice and ‘gave the very best of what I could possibly give to that thing,’ the response from the judges was not good. Nick Grimshaw said, ‘I don’t know where to begin. That was like watching a really bad musical,’ while Rita Ora added, ‘You are great. I don’t know what happened.’

Uh oh! Is this payback time for Anton accidentally headbutting Simon last week, we wonder? Both Rita and Nick were willing to suggest this, with Nick speculating ‘I don’t know if that headbutt made Simon go crazy…’ Bit of a grudge there, Simon? Or maybe it was a lapse in judgement from the veteran X Factor judge. If the bad song choice has proved anything, it’s that Anton has fans who will support him through thick and thin, after voters opted to keep him in the competition despite the flop performance:

Better luck next week, Anton!

Francesca Specter/@ChezSpecter