Has Jack been telling porky pies?!


Jack and Dani.

A combo so divine, they can truly only be compared to classic duos like fish and chips or Ant and Dec.

However, it would that all our hopes and dreams of a Jack and Dani wedding are being threatened – as the fateful Love Island lie detector test is a mere matter of hours away!

And by the looks of things, our precious Jani aren’t gunna have an easy ride during tonights dreaded test…

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In fact, ITV bosses are alleging to quite some turmoil for the couple – as fears that Jack has been telling fibs with his feelings are made a reality.

Could a few porky pies leave Jack and Dani in a bit of a barney rubble?! (And yes, we did just google ‘cockney rhyming slang for trouble’).

Before the challenge, Dani can be seen telling the beach hut: ‘I want him to pass with flying colours. Of course I don’t want him to let me down’.

More: Love Island fans convinced this photo proves new Jack and Laura knew each other before the villa

A distressed Dani then adds: ‘I absolutely love the kid. So yeah, it would kill me.’

And, as any ‘gal would, 22-year-old Dani has used the challenge as an opportunity to really dig down deep into her boyfriends’ psyche…

Questions range from the considerable mundane ‘do you really love Dani’ to the nail biting ‘could Dani be more sexy’ and ‘did you only couple up with Dani because you knew who her dad was’.

Others questions include matters such as whether Jack fancies anyone else in the villa and if he’ll remain loyal (babes) after their time in Love Island ends.

Yup, we just can’t.

And by the looks of things, Jack managed to stumble on a few of Dani’s questions.

It’s not known which questions Jack failed, but the pair are left rowing after the test as Dani insists: ‘Any girl in the world if they’ve got that question and their boyfriend got it wrong they would be upset’.

Oh, and by the looks of tonights preview, he’s not the only ‘fella who will be in the doghouse after tonights shenanigans.

We don’t know about you, but we’ll be watching with our hands over our eyes!