Nick Grimshaw is still one of the faves for being a new judge on The X Factor, but it seems Simon Cowell is willing to offer almost anything to get Rita Ora on board

Oh X Factor, how you tease us with your potential judges and rumours of hosts – and today is no different!

While Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and the big man himself, Simon Cowell, confirmed to return on the judging panel for the show, long-time veteran Louis Walsh has flown the nest, and there are some lonely seats to be filled for the Saturday night show.

And Radio 1 Breakfast Show host, Nick Grimshaw, is a big ol’ favourite who’s in the running.

The 30-year-old DJ is pretty chummy with Simon already, and we think his cheeky charm would be perfect for the show!

Grimmy has got a whole army of uber-cool celeb mates – which we would quite like to be a part of, just saying… And one of them is none other than popstar, Rita Ora. The BFFs do everything together – from partying with their celebs mates, to co-presenting award shows.

But with Simon, 55, also interested in bringing the 24-year-old singer on board, could this battle for The X Factor cause tension with her friendship with Nick?

In fact, Simon wants Rita to jump ship from BBC’s The Voice, over to ITV so badly, that the offer sounds pretty irresistible.

Along with a cool £1.5 mill, Simon has reportedy also offered Rita unlimited use of his private jet, and unlimited clothes.

Wow. Wee. Throw in a performance from Sinatta with some palm leaves, and you’ve got the whole package!

‘He has launched an extreme charm offensive. He says she can spend what she likes on dresses for the series so she looks great’, says a source from the show told The Mirror.

‘His final part was to offer a huge money deal. He upped the contract to £1.5 million which will make her the highest-paid judge. The deal is massive compared to what the BBC can pay her.’

That sounds like a pretty sweet deal to us – she’ll even probably get to snuggle up to dogs Squiddly and Diddly! So what’s stopping her taking up an offer?

Well, it seems that Rita is a lady who’s very much in demand, as it’s believed that she’s also been asked back to the judging panel of The Voice. With so many people knocking on her door, it seems like the ball’s in her court!

An ITV insider said that Rita and Grimmy aren’t battling it out to be on the show, but in fact, they’re more likely to be on it together: ‘Having Grimmy on the panel is a bonus but it is not the only main reason she is re-considering.’

See – told you they do everything together.

Amy Lo