Made in Chelsea’s Lucy Watson is not the biggest fan of Tiff’s new guy

The Made in Chelsea lot are never far away from some trouble in paradise, but this time, it seems it’s double trouble as both Lucy Watson and her sister, Tiff, are both unhappy about each other’s choice in men at the moment.

Token cheeky chappy on the show, Sam Thompson, has been dating both Tiff Watson and fellow cast member, Millie Wilkinson on Made in Chelsea.

When the girls found out, Sam casually said, ‘We’re all single here, aren’t we?’, before Millie decided that was not OK hun, and said: ‘I’m out.’

Although Sam and Tiff haven’t confirmed that they’re now a couple with Millie out of the picture, the pair looked pretty cosy together at the Now summer party last night, to launch our Smart Girls Fake It summer skincare campaign with Superdrug.

With some sneaky double-dating (and not of the good kind), we can see why big sis Lucy, wasn’t too happy with Mr Thompson – especially as the pair dated before in the previous series, before Tiff found out that Sam had cheated on her. Not cool Sam, not cool.

‘Lucy still doesn’t like Sam’, Tiff told us at our party.

We’re not surprised! If someone messed our younger sibling about, we’d give them what-for!

And it seems like the feeling is mutual when it comes to the sister’s special friends.

After being on a big man-ban, 23-year-old Lucy Watson is now dating James Dunmore, and Tiff isn’t a fan of his either, even calling him ‘ugly’. Ouch.

It’s surprising to hear these digs as just 2 weeks ago, James himself posted a pic on Instagram, of the four of them sharing some laughs and even some smooches in a photo booth.

Whatever the reason, we hope Lucy and Tiff don’t let some silly boys get in the way of their sisterly love – sisters before misters and all that jazz.

Amy Lo