Oh, and Melvin Odoom makes a hilarious appearance too...

Let the chicken see the nugget. Let the pork see the chop. Let the shepherd see the pie. Single Arg, REVEAL YOURSELF!

Yup, our very favourite Essex crooner, the delightful Arg, has made his way through the Love Lift and into the hearts of the single ‘gals on Take Me Out. This is not a drill.

In a preview clip of the upcoming celebrity special of Take me Out, the Essex ‘fella is hoping to win the hearts of Paddy’s ‘gals… oh, and did we mention that his real life sister is one of them?!

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After making his way down the Love Lift, Natasha (who is entirely unaware her big brother was hitting up the show) is the *only* lady to turn off her light for Arg– with the TOWIE ‘fella quipping ‘There’s no way I’m going Fernandos with my sister!’.  Rightly so, Arg, rightly so.

Natasha, clearly in a state of disbelief/amusement/distress/all of the above, then told Paddy : ‘I am in shock. I was looking down and I thought, I recognise those shoes, then when I saw the dickie bow, I got the shock of my life. I didn’t have a clue!’.

Watch the hilarious moment below….

Does it stop there? Does it heck! Are you ready, folks?!….


Yup, our favourite radio funnyman and Strictly Come Dancing glitter ball Melvin Odoom also tries his luck with the Take Me Out ladies- and it looks like he may have just played his cards right, managing to secure all 30 lights after coming down the Love Lift!

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In another preview from the special episode, Melv can be seen showcasing his special talent- which, impressively, features a great deal of lycra. Hello Mr. Melvinator! Watch Melv (and his lycra) in action below.

‘Fella’s, we simply cannot wait to see the whole shebang. Catch Melv and Arg in Take Me Out mode on Sunday 19th February at  7.00pm on ITV!

Alice Perry