Lydia Bright's ex is motivated purely by chicken. Standard

Arg’s battles with his weight has been as well publicised as his tumultuous relationship with long-term love, Lydia Bright.

However, while things aren’t looking too good in the love department, Arg – real name James Argent – at least has people on his side when it comes to getting back in shape – as his friend and TOWIE co-star, Michael Hassini reveals some truths about his weight loss journey.

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Speaking to Now at Sam Bailey’s album launch, Mike revealed that he, Arg and Dan Edgar had formed a single men’s club of sorts, and have discussed taking a group excursion to a health club in Chigwell to get themselves trim. Sadly, it seems as if Arg needs a little extra push to kick-start his exercise routine:

‘I don’t think I will be able to get Arg out of bed in the morning, he’s lazy as f*ck,’ the ever-tactful Michael began.

‘The only option is to throw a bucket of ice at him and say “let’s get the f*ck out”, or if we said there was a Nando’s he’d be straight out of bed and to the gym.’

Chris Pratt surprise reaction GIFSome are motivated by cash, some by fame – but there’s something endearing about knowing that Arg’s motivation comes purely from some Peri-Peri flavoured goodness!

‘Arg is very passionate about his food,’ Michael continued. ‘He goes out for dinner and he has a smile on his face from start to finish. That’s not a bad thing but now he’s single, it’s time for me as a friend to say, “come on Arg, get yourself down the gym, get into shape and get yourself amongst some free birds!”‘

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Seeing as the beginning of the current TOWIE series saw Lydia telling Arg he was dead to her, we can only agree that it might be a good idea for Arg to get back on that dating horse again. Here’s hoping we see him sharing a chicken platter with a new lady sometime soon…