'Take care of you first', a dad of teen girls advises Ariana

The aftermath of the Manchester explosions has plenty of people all over the world reeling from the tragedy, as more and more names get confirmed as dead.

However, those who are sure to be feeling it the most are those who have personally lost loved ones, or were present at the Ariana Grande show at the city’s MEN Arena.

In response to the tragic circumstances, Ariana has postponed dates of her tour until June 5th and has apologised for the losses.

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The 23-year-old singer has appeared visibly shaken up when pictured ever since the attacks on Monday (22nd May). She Tweeted her horror soon after the explosions: ‘broken. from the bottom of my heart, i am so so sorry. i don’t have words.’

In addition, some trolls have taken to social media to lambast her for her decision to cut dates from the tour, with some very unfairly calling her a ‘spoiled brat’.

However, she’s received heaps of support from people all over the world – including in the unlikely form of a ‘redneck dad of three daughters’, Patrick Millsaps, who wrote her a touching open letter.

‘Dear Miss Grande, I am the father of three daughters – ages 13, 12 and 12. So, you have been a part of our family for years,’ Patrick, a film producer, begins his sweet, now-viral note that reassures her that she has no reason to apologise for the upsetting events.

‘You don’t have a dadgum thing to apologise for. If some jackass had gotten drunk and killed someone with his car next to your hotel in Manchester, would you feel responsible?…

‘You see, you are no more responsible for the actions of an insane coward who committed an evil act in your proximity than you would be for a devastating natural disaster or acts of morons near your hotel.’

Part of a letter of advice from a dad to Ariana Grande

Later in his heartfelt and humour-filled letter, he also encouraged Ariana not to stop performing, and to keep sharing her gift of a voice to the world:

‘When and only when you are ready, on behalf of all dads who love your… um… whose daughters love your music SING AGAIN. Music is the international language of peace.

‘Every time you open your mouth and share that incredible God-given gift to the world, you make this crappy world a little less crappy.’

‘So there you go my dear, unsolicited advice from a fat dude in Georgia who loves his daughters and appreciates there are people like you in the world.

‘Take care of you first. Your fans aren’t going anywhere.’

Read the letter in full here – but warning, perhaps not in public… this’ll surely tug on your heartstrings.