The Strictly Come Dancing judge says she hates the way she looks on TV

She’s best known for commenting on the way other people look in public.

But it seems as though Arlene Phillips saves her harshest judgements for herself.

The Strictly Come Dancing judge says she wants plastic surgery to hide her wrinkles.

‘I’m absolutely 100 per cent ready to go and get myself fixed up,’ the 64-year-old tells the Sun.

‘I’m checking out doctors now to get my neck and chin done.

‘It’s scary because I have a low pain threshold.’

Arlene is hoping for a taut but natural result.

‘I never want to end up with that big old stretched look where I resemble a piece of plastic,’ she explains.

‘Of course, being fabulous isn’t just about looking young – it’s about feeling young too.’

The new series of Strictly Come Dancing starts on the BBC next month.

Phil Boucher