From Millie Mackintosh's hairy legs to Beyonce's airmpits - see it all!

Fashion, food and a little bit beauty is basically what Made In Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh‘s 870,000 Instagram followers have come to expect from her daily snaps.

But er, not anymore.

With her hairy golden thighs on a poolside picture causing a mass debate amongst her followers.

‘Who the hell doesn’t shave to the top of their legs? Ew. Nobody wants to see a woman with hairy legs,’ one outraged user commented upon spotting her fine blonde strands.

With many others stating they’d kill for Millie‘s legs, hairy or not.

And as the whole thing quickly turned into an argument amongst her fans on feminism, we look back at some of our other favourite stars that have ditched the razor.

Actress Julia Roberts has to be crowned the most bold and beautiful when it comes to letting it all hang out, after becoming the epitome of hairy pits around the world when she bared hers at the Notting Hill movie premiere in 1999.

There was never quite an explanation as to why she accessorized her sequined red Armani gown with the hair, but it all felt quite empowering didn’t it?

Madonna and former TOWIE star Billi Mucklow have since followed suit and flashed their hairy flesh, but sadly it wasn’t quite as iconic.

Superstar Beyonce also slipped up in the pit department when she displayed a hint of a 5 O’clock shadow growing under her pit, but it all seemed a bit more accidental than intentional.

And it isn’t just the ladies getting a little grizzly, the Sex Bomb himself Tom Jones has to take the title of hairiest superstar going off this ancient shirtless snap.

What do you reckon?

All about the hair, or don’t really care?

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