As Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis plan a move to London, his ex-mistress Sara Leal speaks out

The party girl who destroyed Ashton Kutcher‘s marriage to Demi Moore has warned Mila Kunis: ‘Once a cheater, always a cheater.’ 

In an exclusive interview with Now, Sara Leal – who claimed she bedded Ashton, 35, while he was married to Demi Moore – tells his new love not to trust the actor.

It comes as Ashton and Mila, 29, are getting even more serious.

He’s filed for divorce from Demi and is planning to move to London with Mila while she films her new movie Jupiter Ascending.

Sara tells us: ‘I wanted to speak out because I believe once a cheater, always a cheater. 

‘Mila’s obviously willing to take that risk. If I were her I’d be careful.

‘If I was dating a guy who’d cheated on his wife I’d be a little suspicious.’

Sara, 23, became infamous for alleging she bedded Ashton after they cavorted in a hot tub at San Diego’s Hard Rock Hotel in September 2011.

She claimed she’d been invited to the suite and that Ashton told her he was separated.

After the revelations Demi, 50, ended their marriage.  

Sara was abused by Ashton’s fans, but she’s chosen to break her silence again following reports that Ashton’s considering proposing to his girlfriend and former That 70’s Show co-star Mila.

The party girl – who has a new boyfriend – says of Ashton: ‘I’m sure after all that, the last thing he wants is a serious relationship.

‘But maybe his previous marriage just wasn’t right for him.

‘I’d hate for Mila to have the same experience as Demi.

‘Hopefully he’s learnt his lesson.’

Read more about Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis in Now magazine dated 18 February 2013 – out now!


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