David Cameron has a brilliant weight loss trick you can pick up at your local supermaket!

Prime Minister David Cameron has lost a whopping 13lb since Christmas in an effort to get fit and slim down ahead of the general election next month! And his secret? Cutting down on carbs and biscuits, giving up peanuts and eating lots of chilli which is famous for speeding up your metabolism! ‘The hotter the better,’ David reckons.

Here’s how Mr Cameron has done it…

1. Try to avoid the junk food…

David has been dodging the pies and eating lots of lean protein and vegetables in an attempt to lose weight. But he still allows himself a cheeky fry-up on occasion.

In a recent interview he admits to liking a full English: Egg, sausage, mushrooms, toast and tomatos… hmm sounds like a great diet to us!

2. Make weight loss a crusade

He describes having a ‘great patriotic struggle’ with his weight… perhaps a little bit dramatic Mr Cameron! We can’t deny he is trying hard though.

3. Become an athlete

Mr Cameron schedules in runs every day, saying ‘I try to go for a two-mile run two or three times a week, I’ve got some circuits I do. I love getting out int eh fresh air and goign for a run adn I want to empty my head and get a bit of fristration out.’

He’s got so fast his body guards can’t keep up, perhaps olympic legend, Mo Farah could give them some tips.

The PM also likes playing tennis.

4. Lose weight with a friend

He’s not the only one stepping on the scales. George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer, follows the celebrity favoured 5:2 diet. A gruelling regime that involves fasting and eating only 600 calories for two days of the week.

‘You reach that point in your 40s when suddenly the weight doesn’t drop off,’ George says, adding it is stressful job that causes him to pile on the pounds. ‘It’s a hard fact of life. I found myself putting on weight being stuck here [No 11] and the Treasury.’

5. Give yourself a bit of time off

Even the PM needs a little time off and Mr Cameron loves a bit of trash TV at the end of the day, in fact he often falls asleep on the sofa!

But healthy David even shared his cooking tips with the Queen recently! He advised her on his favourite dinner treat: steak and roast vegetables, and a snack of skinny popcorn.


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