Kanye West's could face time in prison

Poor Kim Kardashian.

It looks like her wedding plans might have to be put on hold – as a US lawyer tells Now that Kanye West‘s latest ‘outburst’ could see him jailed for TWO years.

The rapper, 36, is being investigated after he was said to have punched an 18-year-old student who allegedly yelled racist abuse at Kim last week.

It’s claimed Kim phoned Kanye and he tracked the man down inside an LA chiropractor’s office and assaulted him.

Now Kim‘s pals are worried he needs ‘anger management’, even saying they fear Kanye can ‘act like a monster’ when angry.

Yet Kim, 33, is standing by him – her reps insist she won’t ask him to get treatment.

Kanye‘s due in court this Thursday for a separate claim that he attacked a pap at an LA airport last year. He denies battery and grand theft charges.

However, NYC attorney Raoul Lionel Felder thinks last week’s incident could be used by lawyers to argue Kanye should be locked up – and that would end Kim‘s summer wedding plans.

He says: ‘I expect prosecutors will bring in this new incident as it shows what we call “vicious propensity”, a tendency to do any act that might cause danger to people or property in any given situation.

‘He could go to jail for up to six months for the airport incident. And if charged and convicted for this new incident, that could mean a further two years.’

However, a source close to Kanye is more confident.

They tell Now: ‘We can’t see that happening.’

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