Katie Hopkins isn't out to make friends fast it seems, but Gemma Collins isn't bothered...

We all know Katie Hopkins isn’t one to mince her words and now she’s back at having a go at people she hates most, the ‘fatties’ and ‘chubsters’.

Speaking to the readers of her Sun column Katie’s written about how she’s had enough of ‘proud fatties’ on her telly, and has taken a pop TOWIEs Gemma Collins,  Pitch Perfect’s Rebel Wilson, and even seems out to get the power house that is Simon Cowell, slamming his ITV show BGT.

‘On Britain’s Got Talent most of the acts are morbidly obese. The Red Ruby Performers burlesque troop were applauded for taking most of their kit off…because they are fat,’ Katie says.

Speaking of Rebel Wilson, Katie says ‘she’s funny because she is fat and wears Lycra’ and tries to humiliate TOWIE favourite Gemma Collins. Talking about her time on Splash! Katie says when Gemma was diving she ‘displaced’ most of the water of the pool.

But Gemma isn’t going to let it faze her – she’s loud, and yes, she’s proud and she isn’t going to let the haters bring her down!

Speaking about the success of her plus-size fashion range Gemma said: ‘I’m the Victoria Beckham of the plus-size fashion world, baby!’

‘I’m so proud. When I watch Dragons’ Den or Lord Sugar and that, I could run miles around these people, baby.’

‘I’m the GC,’ she says to The Sun. ‘I love walking down Brentwood Hugh street and women running over to say that they love my designs and I’m an inspiration.’

Yes, you are Gemma! And we love that you’re back to your old self!

Gemma recently told Now: ‘[I feel] like a million dollars. I’ve never felt better. I’ve got my self-worth back now and I feel like a proud new woman. I’m looking forward to living my life.

‘I’ve gone from a size 22 to an 18. I had a bit of 3D Lipo and saw a hypnotist called Robert Hisee, who put a hypno gastric band in me! Now I have four mouthfuls of food and can’t eat any more. I feel like I can’t breathe I’m so full. Whatever he’s done, it’s bloody worked. For the first time, I don’t wake up wondering what I’ll eat that day. I’m petrified this feeling will wear off as it’s too good to be true.’

We wonder what Katie thinks of this hypo gastric band?

Lydia Southern