Anonymous woman claims she slept with him


Ashley Cole allegedly cheated on his wife Cheryl on two occasions with a secretary, according to claims by a tabloid.

The Chelsea footballer and the blonde – who has not been identified – reportedly had sex at a hotel in Hull on 29 October 2008.

Ashley‘s last meeting allegedly took place on 14 November in Birmingham.

‘He begged me to come to his hotel for sex, but it was like a military operation getting into the room,’ the mystery woman is quoted as saying by The Sun.

‘He was petrified of getting caught by his wife and by Chelsea, but he just couldn’t stop himself taking crazy risks. That must have been part of the thrill for him.’

Ashley, 29, is also alleged to have sent a series of photos and texts to the secretary.

Despite the allegations, X Factor judge Cheryl, 26, plans to go ahead with her performance at tonight’s Brit Awards.

‘She’s definitely performing,’ her rep tells the Daily Mail. ‘I’ve no comment about anything else.’

Ashley‘s spokesman was unavailable for comment.

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