But friends say a reunion will damage Cheryl Cole's career

Ashley Cole doesn’t want to lose Cheryl Cole.

The Chelsea footballer, 30, given hope by the fact that Cheryl is keeping his surname, is said to have bombarded his ex-wife with texts and – in a secret meeting – begged her to give their relationship another go.

But The X Factor judge’s mates think a reunion is terrible idea.

‘It’s a disaster waiting to happen,’ says a pal.

‘We all know Ashley can’t, or won’t, change.’

Confirmation that Cheryl, 27, will be moving to LA to join boyfriend Derek Hough and launch her TV career across the pond is expected any day, but the Girls Aloud star is still hung up on Ashley.

Cheryl is hellbent on getting the gig on the US version of The X Factor and knows the smallest wrong move could dash her hopes,’ a source tells the Daily Star.

‘But something in her heart tells her the pair could give it one more go.’

A spokesman for Cheryl says: ‘Cheryl did not meet Ashley
last week.

‘She did not speak to him either.’ 

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