As she prepares for a 'life-changing' event, Ashley panics over Cheryl's health


Ashley Cole is said to be very concerned about wife Cheryl Cole’s health – and state of mind – during her 8-day ‘life-changing’ trek to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in aid of Comic Relief later this month.

‘One thing that really worries Ashley is Cheryl getting dizzy in the extremely high altitude or getting headaches because she’s prone to them,’ says our source.

‘As a sportsman, he also knows what your body goes through when you push yourself hard – how that can change you as a person. They’ve been through so much together that the last thing he wants is for this latest challenge to divide them as a couple.’

The Coles have stuck together after the allegations of 28-year-old Ashley’s infidelity surfaced last year but it’s been a tough time.

‘He’s been worried that Cheryl might change her mind,’ says the insider, ‘especially if something comes along that gives her a new strength and vision.’

Even so, the footballer has been helping Girls Aloud star Cheryl, 25, prepare for her trip.

Ashley’s been doing lots of stretching with Cheryl and getting her the best vitamins and minerals, which supplement her new diet,’ reveals the friend. ‘He’s also helped source the equipment she uses, so she has the best sleeping bag, rucksack and boots available.’

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