He's cheated on the nation's sweetheart but Ashley believes he deserves sympathy

Angelic Ashley Cole feels aggrieved that he’s being blamed for the split with Cheryl and is considering leaving the country as his wife, his club Chelsea and the whole nation gang up on the poor mite.

Last Wednesday he fled to France for the foreseeable future because his broken ankle stops him from playing football.

Ashley‘s mum Susan also believes he’s done no wrong.

He’s a mummy’s boy and she dotes on him,’ says our source. She won’t hear a bad word against him. He complains about the influence of Cheryl‘s mum Joan, but Susan was just as bad and also stayed at their house for long periods.’

Insiders at the country pile Ashley shared with Cheryl were flabbergasted when he began clearing his stuff up last Sunday – two days before the split was officially announced.

He didn’t seem to give a damn. He just packed and left. He didn’t display any emotion,’ says a member of the groundstaff.

Another source adds: He’ll have all his football mates telling him he’s done nothing wrong. Among the footy set, sex texting and even more than that is accepted by the WAGs. It’s common practice.’

Ashley seems to be more devastated that Chelsea are reportedly going to fine him up to £400,000 (four weeks’ wages) for an alleged affair on their pre-season tour of the US last summer.

He’s annoyed because the club let off John Terry without even a warning for sleeping with former teammate Wayne Bridge‘s partner. Ashley‘s threatening to move to Barcelona or Real Madrid if they don’t treat him more respectfully.

It’s the story of his life – he won’t accept the blame,’ says our insider. ‘He didn’t show remorse when he was caught speeding or when he switched clubs from deadly rivals Arsenal, which is a big no-no in football.

‘It’s always someone else’s fault. He’s deluded if he thinks he’s the victim in his marriage as well.’

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