He's got a new woman, but is it a ploy to get his ex-wife back?

Ashley and Cheryl Cole‘s ‘are they, aren’t they?’ romance is like a game of poker – and we’re calling their bluff.

For months the pair have been meeting up in secret, with Ashley borrowing his mates’ cars and wearing hoodies to disguise himself on his clandestine visits to her London home.

Ashley‘s even boasted to pals that he’d ‘have her in his arms by the end of summer’.

So if he really wants her back, why on earth is the love rat doing the worst thing he could possibly do – getting pictured with a string of different party blondes every night?

Sadly we can reveal Ashley’s dodgy tactics – and they’re not pretty.

Sources close to the footballer, 30, have told Now he’s ‘using’ his latest arm candy – new Hollyoaks actress Annie Cooper, 27 – to encourage Cheryl to agree to go to Dubai with him.

Despite reports that Ashley’s in a relationship with Annie, the truth’s different.

In fact, we can reveal that when Cheryl, 27, and Ashley were married they were close friends with Annie and her then-boyfriend, ex-Spurs player Paul Ellis, 29.

Paul and Ashley have been pals for years and, along with Annie and  Cheryl, were part of the London WAG set with Joe and Carly Cole,‘ says Now‘s insider.

Paul introduced Annie to all his mates, including Cheryl and Ashley.

Cheryl really liked her and they got on well.’

Read the full story about Cheryl and Ashley Cole in Now magazine dated 11 April 2011 – out now!

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