In an emotional open letter, Aimee Walton begs for forgiveness

It was the betrayal that broke Cheryl Cole’s heart.

Indeed, in her new autobiography, the singer explains how she required medication to compose herself after hairdresser Aimee Walton revealed in January 2008 that she’d had a drunken one-night stand with husband Ashley Cole a month earlier.

Branding Aimee ‘sick’ and as a woman who betrayed the sisterhood, Cheryl writes: ‘If a man had sex with a woman who was in that state [drunk], it’d be classed as rape.’

Here, Aimee, 27, who’s read Cheryl’s book, pours out her heart about her regrets from that night.

‘Dear Cheryl,

‘It’s been nearly five years since Ashley cheated on you with me and I regret all of it.

‘I wish I’d never met him – that entire experience was a living hell.

‘After reading your book, I just wanted to tell you that I’m not the type of girl who purposefully went out to wreck your marriage.

‘I never took advantage of my situation. I could’ve made a lot more money, but I chose not to.

‘Finding fame was never my intention. I only went to the papers so that you could learn what kind of a man Ashley was.

‘I was 22 when I met Ashley at London’s CC Club and he came across as really nice.

‘After a few hours in the VIP area with him and his mates, we headed to his friend’s apartment in north London.

‘I mentioned you but he said: “She knows what I do.”

‘I didn’t understand what he meant by that.

‘To be honest, that night’s a bit of a blur because Ashley’s mates gave us so much booze at the club.

‘At one point I asked for a Jack Daniel’s and Coke but instead of a glass I was given a whole bottle of whiskey.

‘The next morning all I kept thinking about was that I’d slept with a married man.

‘I felt like shit. I’d never done that before.’

Read more of Aimee Walton‘s letter to Cheryl Cole in Now magazine dated 22 October 2012 – out now!


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