Ashley James took to social media and shared an inspirational post


The Victoria’s Secret models have been talk of the town recently, flaunting their slim physiques and gorgeous VS catwalk clobber. Yes, it’s safe to say we HAVE been a little green with envy.

Former Made In Chelsea star Ashley James is having none of it though.  Known for her killer curves and positive body attitude, Ashley took to Instagram on Wednesday evening and shared a ‘unedited’ mirror selfie of herself in pants and sports bra looking…well…AMAZING. Alongside the snap, Ms James made clear that ‘beauty is confidence, not perfection’, and that no matter what size we are, there’s always a body part we aren’t fond of. This was aimed at the women ‘sat at home looking at Victoria’s Secret  models’ and hating their body.

Hey ladies! If you're one of the many women sat at home looking at the Victoria Secret models and hating your body, then this is for you. This is my body, unedited and unfiltered. Some of you will look at me and think I look fat, whilst others might look at me and aspire to have my body. We all have different standards, but whether you're a size 6 or a size 22 there'll be parts of your body you hate. We all look in the mirror and wish we could change things, and whilst we can all strive to eat healthier and exercise more, I'll bet that the guy/girl we fancy would rather us have the love handles (or whatever it is you hate about yourself) and be happy, than look perfect and be miserable. Beauty is confidence, not perfection. 😘 #bodyconfidence #victoriasecret #vsfashionshow #girlpower

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Followers of Ashley really supported the post and several left comments.

One user wrote: ‘I love this post, it’s really inspirational. It’s really easy to get caught up in feeling negative about your own body when scrolling through the news feed looking at models or images that have been edited. You look amazing and it’s nice to reminded that we are all beautiful, and someone out there loves the bits you hate! ☺️ thank you for sharing!,’ and another added:

Great quote, womens bodies are all unique and beautiful in the eye of the beholder.’


One user loved Ashley’s post. They wrote: ‘You look always look amazing and have a perfectly “normal & heathly” bodyshape. I always tell myself that the VS models (altho all incredibly beautiful) are the “freaks of nature” 😂.

The dark side of Victoria’s Secret…

Another fan commented with: ‘You are hot and beautiful and so fucking amazing for doing this 💞.

Yup, safe to say that we agree with all of the above comments!