We did not expect that...

Looking at the toned and muscular body of dancer Ashley Roberts, you might guess that her diet is full of protein and veggies, and NO unhealthy food at all.

Ashley Roberts

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Well, she may eat clean most of the time, but she’s now revealed her big secret diet tip to keep herself thin – and it is not what you expect.


She’s just revealed that her secret to maintaining a good physique is pizza!

Yep, we were just as shocked as you are, but apparently, the secret to looking as good as Ashley is to keep everything in balance.

Speaking to The Sun Online, Ashley said: “I try to live life in balance because I feel like if you go to one extreme or the other sometimes it doesn’t maintain.

“I feel like it’s important to eat healthy food because it fuels your body, it fuels your brain but also I just love a good pizza – and I just think having a pizza a week is all really within balance.

“It’s also what works best for your body and figuring that out, and for me I do like to have pizza or a takeaway or cookies.

“If I have a shoot coming up maybe I might be a bit more strict on my diet but in life I just like to have a bit of balance – and if I want something I eat it.”

Don’t mind us while we reach for that slice of Dominos then…

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I always try and keep up my fitness as it keeps my body feeling strong and my mental health in a positive state. With summer creepin upon us my goal is tighten up the cheeks🍑 Here’s some core and booty exercises to keep the temple tight #ad #3theface

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She continued with more advice about eating habits, saying: “You can have foods that you enjoy but maybe just not over-indulging in them and if you keep a balance your body is kind of able to break it down more and use it as fuel rather than it storing it in the body and causing other side-effects because it won’t be beneficial to you. For me it’s about balance.”

But it’s just not food that will get your body toned of course, as exercise is just as important. Ashley is a dancer, so heaps praise on the benefits of dancing to keep her fit.

“I want to go out there and move my body and express myself through that but what an amazing side-effect of it is that you are doing fitness and you’re toning your muscles, your legs, your arms – everything gets worked when you’re dancing,” she said.

And she doesn’t work out alone, as her boyfriend Giovanni Pernice joins her in the gym.

“Gio and I do work out sometimes, we just did like a circuit together the other day actually,” she said. “He always wants to lift me in the gym, he always wants to do the Dirty Dancing lift, I’m like ‘baby stop, I’ve done it enough within the show’.”

She also opened up about the possibility of reuniting with Nicole Scherzinger and the rest of her former bandmates, saying: “I would love to do a Pussycat Dolls reunion some day – hopefully it will happen.

“We all do keep in touch, we’re all on our little paths but we do all connect with each other at some point and check in.”

Words by Caitlin Butler.