Ashley Cole’s putting pressure on Cheryl Cole to finally make their relationship official

Simon Cowell and Ashley Cole are the two most important men in Cheryl Cole‘s life – but they’ve never got on.

In fact, they can barely stand being in the same room together.

After all, it was Simon, 51, who reportedly encouraged Cheryl to divorce her cheating husband last year.

And when she fell out with Simon over her US X Factor axing, it’s no surprise that Ashley was the first person who rushed to the fragile singer’s side to seize the opportunity to win her back.

However, now that Cheryl‘s pals with Simon again, the 30-year-old footballer fears his days are numbered.

The pair patched things up two weeks ago when Simon sent Cheryl a text asking: Friends again?’

She cheekily replied: You’ve got a nerve… x.’

He then phoned her and she answered his call for the first time since her sacking.

This has all sent shivers down Ashley‘s spine.

So in a desperate attempt to keep Cheryl, 28, he’s told her: It’s me or him.’

Read the full story about Simon Cowell, Ashley Cole and Cheryl Cole in Now magazine dated 15 August 2011 – out now!

Now cover 15 August 2011


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