Demi Moore's husband plays raunchy scenes in new movie Spread

Watch out ladies, Ashton Kutcher has stripped off for his raunchiest role yet.

It’s hardly surprising that Demi Moore has got her knickers in a twist over these photos of her husband Ashton naked with co-star Anne Heche, from their new film, the charmingly titled Spread.

According to industry insiders, Ashton‘s wife Demi, 47, wanted the steamy stills banned so that she wouldn’t have to face constant reminders of his on-screen antics with another woman.

Our source reveals: ‘Demi doesn’t mind cinema fans ogling her toyboy hubby, but she didn’t want these pictures in the press for ever reminding her that he got so hot with someone else.’

However, Ashton was so proud of finally landing a serious role he did nothing to 
stop the pictures coming out.

In the film, Ashton, 31, plays a womaniser who hits on rich, lonely women, but is torn when he meets an enigmatic waitress and has to choose between sex for money or sex for love. Either way, that’s a lot of sex!

See the full story about Ashton Kutcher in Now magazine dated 11 January 2010 – out tomorrow!

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