Actor’s secret fear of crowds and strangers

Aston Kutcher admits that he becomes overwhelmed with fear when surrounded by crowds of people.

The 28-year-old, who is married to Demi Moore, 43, says he gets ‘very shy and withdrawn’. When large groups gather round him, he has shaking fits and feels ill.

The actor tells of a recent panic attack when he was shooting his latest film The Guardian.

‘One night we were in a little restaurant in Elizabethtown,’ Ashton recalls. ‘We finished dinner and went to leave, but it seemed like the whole town had congregated outside wanting our autographs.

‘I just lost all my control. I ran away shaking and hid behind a couple of Coast Guards so nobody could see me. Then I sneaked out into the van.’

But Ashton says he wants to overcome his fear, after seeing how his co-star Kevin Costner deals with enthusiastic fans.

Aston tells the News Of The World’s Sunday: ‘He’s so friendly to his fans. And look at me – I’d rather sneak out the back door.’

Muzakkir Iqbal