New dad Ashton Kutcher will take to the witness stand soon to testify against girlfriend’s alleged murderer

Ashton Kutcher will soon be in court testifying as a witness against the man charged with the brutal murder of the actor’s then-girlfriend, Ashley Ellerin, who died 21 February 2001.

Accused Michael Thomas Gargiulo – who lived 400ft away from Ashley in LA – allegedly attacked the 22-year-old woman whilst she was in the shower, stabbing her 47 times.

Ashton, who was dating victim Ashley at the time, will take to the witness stand to describe his horrific account of the fatal night.

Although the actor has mostly kept quiet on the subject, Ashton‘s written police testimony reveals his version of the night’s events – including when he visited Ashley‘s house and saw a ‘red wine’ stained floor through the window, which turned out to be a pool of his dead girlfriend’s blood.

Earlier that night, Ashley had asked Kutcher if she could accompany him to the Grammys – but he fatefully declined. Instead, he promised to later visit her apartment.

When he arrived and Ashley did not answer the door, Ashton peered through the window – unaware that she already lay there dead. The viewing angle meant Ashton did not see the body and, having received no answer from Ashley, he left the area.

According to court documents published online, accused Michael Thomas Gargiul ‘slashed Ms. Ellerin‘s
throat so violently [he] nearly decapitated her. After she was
murdered, her body was left displayed in a… demeaning pose that was
sexual in nature.’

Prosecutors have summarised murderer Michael Thomas Gargiulo
as ‘a serial, psycho-sexual thrill killer who engages in the systematic
slaughter of beautiful women because he takes sexual pleasure from
manipulating, stabbing and killing his victims.’

Ashton‘s testimony will be crucial in proving Ashley‘s time of death and strengthen the prosecutor’s case.

Michael Thomas Gargiulo is also charged with two other counts of murder and one attempted murder.  

Ashton is now a father to four-month-old daughter Wyatt, born to his actress girlfriend Mila Kunis.

By Kim Gregory

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