Singer upset by comments about her appearance

Atomic Kitten‘s Natasha Hamilton was shocked to receive nasty comments about her appearance when the band reunited for The Big Reunion.

The red-haired singer admits she was upset by people saying she’d had cosmetic surgery.

I had all these nasty comments saying I looked like Pete Burns and that my face had melted,’ says Natasha, 30.

They were saying I’d had cheek implants, my chin done, my nose, fillers and Botox. If I’d had all that work, I wouldn’t be able to bloody move my face!’

Natasha – who reunited with former bandmates Liz McClarnon, 32, and Kerry Katona, 32, for the hit ITV2 show – thinks it’s easier for people to make cruel quips now than it was when the band started out.

Back in the day, you didn’t have this direct line to celebrities that you do now – you were more shielded,’ says the mum-of-three.

Everyone’s entitled to a comment, but comments can become trolling when it’s put in an aggressive way.’

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Anna Francis